Hydromec was founded in 1983, first as a supply company for gearboxes to Var-Spe. Today, Hydromec manufactures geared motors such as helical bevel gearboxes in aluminium and cast iron, shaft mounted gearboxes, worm gearboxes in round and square shapes, inline gearboxes, etc.

For easier and quicker solutions to customer requests, the entire program is designed with a modular idea. All products and components are manufactured in Europe using the latest technologies for design and production, offering a high efficiency product range fulfilling current market needs.



Cleangeartech is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel gearboxes and motors for food applications, saliferous environments or high pressure wash-down procedures. With the widest range of gearboxes and motors in the field we offer not only competitive but complete solutions with a very short standard lead time while maintaining a high quality.



Elvem Electric Motors was founded in the 1960s and quickly grew to an internationally renowned name for electric motors from Northern Italy. Nowadays the family-run business delivers into more than 40 countries world wide and has a running storage volume of more than 100,000 motors to quickly support customers. Thanks to innovative use of technologies and high class materials, Elvem continues to lead the market for electric motors. Besides, Elvem also offers ATEX and Permanent Magnet Motors as well as special solutions based on customer requirements.



Habor Precise Industries is the market leader in development and manufacturing of temperature control units and heat exchangers specified for industrial machinery. A 30-year experience with high-precision cooling units for machine tools and the cooperation with a&g enables Habor to provide advanced temperature control technology.


German Tech Precision

GTP is one of the leading producers of 2 speed shifting gear boxes for main spindle drives and common drives for turning tables, milling heads etc…


Vortex is one of the leading manufacturers of brakes and clutches for industrial applications. Our product range includes among others motor brakes, holding brakes and safety brakes.