Electromagnetic Release ERG

ERG series Spring-operated brakes are brakes with two friction surfaces. When no current is applied, the brake force is generated by means of several coiled pressure springs. When current is applied, the brakes are released electromagnetically. While braking, the rotor, which is axially movable on the hub, is pressed against the friction surface by means of the compression springs acting on the armature plate. The asbestos-free friction linings ensure a high brake torque with low wear and long working life. The brake torque is transmitted between hub and rotor through mating splines. In brake-applied condition, there is an air gap ā€˜sā€™ between body and armature plate as a result of the springs acting on the armature plate. To release the brake, the coil is energized with externally supplied DC voltage. The magnetic force generated causes the armature plate to be attracted to the body, pulling it towards the Stator Assembly against the spring force. As a result, the rotor is released and can rotate freely with the hub. Details see catalogue.