Single disc friction system

As a result of their simple structure and their favourable outside dimensions, electromagnetically operated single disc brakes and clutches typically are used for automating mechanical operations in machinery and plant engineering.

Typical applications are textile, packaging, printing, paper and welding machines, machine tools. Single disc brakes and clutches are used for switching rpm and speed levels, controlling motion sequences including positioning; or for shutdown of the machine because of failures ( emergency brake).

Function & design

Our brakes and clutches are slip-ring free and low-maintenance. A very special benefit is provided by the double magnetomotive force of the rotor where the effect of the magnetic field is used twice.

Even their rather small outside dimensions and big bores lead to rather large torques. Both of the friction surfaces are made of metal. Due to the fact that our brakes cope without regular friction linings they are very ecofriendly. They are suitable for dry and wet operation and gain their nominal torque after having carried out brief start-up procedures or several operations below the differential speed.

In dry operating mode they are insensitive to minor contaminations of oil and grease. Torque is transmitted radial backlash-free by a diaphragm spring. It is connected to the rotor by 3 or 6 points to the counterpart (driven or down forced wheel or flange etc.)